Sep 22, 2013

The Musicians Emergency Fund Presents EVE QUELER’S FAMILY & FRIENDS


Eve Queler’s Family: Liz Queler, her husband, Seth Farber and their son, Joey Farber. A self-accompanied vocal trio who perform their own compositions and arrangements in folk and popular styles.

Eve Queler’s Friends: Young artists Eve Queler has coached, who are at the threshold of major singing careers. Sidney Mancasola, soprano; Diego Silva, and John Viscardi, tenors; and Takaoki Onishi, baritone, accompanied by Eve Queler.


Original Americana composed by Eve Queler’s daughter, Liz, who performs in a vocal trio with her husband, Seth Farber, and their son, Joey, accompanying themselves on guitar, mandolin, piano and percussion. A cornerstone of their repertory is The Edna Project, based on poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Opera selections performed by Eve Queler’s Friends - young artists she has discovered who are at the threshold of major singing careers.




Eve Queler’s Family & Friends

Original folk music by Eve’s family

Opera arias by Eve’s friends