Jordi Savall
© David Ignaszewski

Nov. 3 at 5:00

The Cycles of Life: A Musical Exploration of the Balkans

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Jordi Savall, vielle, rebec, and music director

Hespèrion XXI


Jordi Savall and Hespèrion XXI performed the Gypsy song “Duy, duy, duy, denomori deshudui” as an encore.

Singing, celebrating, mourning: rituals of time and transformation unite the diverse peoples of the Balkan Peninsula, home to three major religions and myriad languages. In its New York premiere by early-music aficionado Jordi Savall, The Cycles of Life begins with kabbalah’s creation story and travels through birth, youth, love, marriage, maturity, and death by painting an aural mosaic of Sephardic lullabies, Greek dances, Hebrew songs, Christian Orthodox chants, and Sufi devotional songs.