Feb 04, 2013

American Classical Orchestra

American Classical Orchestra


7:00pm Free Pre-Concert Lecture

by Thomas Crawford


Mozart Clarinet Concerto

Eric Hoeprich, basset clarinet

Flute & Harp Concerto

Sandra Miller, flute

and Victoria Drake, harp

Beethoven Symphony No. 5

Rossini Overture to La Scala di seta

The American Classical Orchestra has recorded the complete wind concerti of Mozart, and these recordings, on the Nimbus label, have won international acclaim. Two of the finest concerti will be performed, including the Clarinet Concerto played on the world’s only authentic basset clarinet, such as Mozart used. This clarinet has a wider note range than its modern successor and this allows us to hear Wolfgang’s most famous concerto performed with all the notes intact! The concert concludes with Beethoven’s immortal Fifth Symphony. No other work of classical music has inspired more generations of musicians and listeners, with its ferocious opening notes and blazing finale.

Regarding the American Classical Orchestra's February 4th concert, Maestro Thomas Crawford has commented "The February concert is the kind of concert where audience members will show up, and then be swept away unexpectedly. This is because of the repertoire and the quality of the soloists drawn from our own ranks of the American Classical Orchestra. People know the Mozart Clarinet Concerto as his greatest concerto, and love it because the 2nd movement is of unequalled beauty and depth. Yet, the American Classical Orchestra plays it on Mozart's instruments, especially Eric Hoeprich's unique basset clarinet. The beloved Flute & Harp Concerto will be performed by ACO's own Sandra Miller and Victoria Drake, who are without peer in the field of classical performance on original instruments."

"People think that Beethoven's temperament is best revealed in those tumultuous four notes that open the Fifth Symphony. Yet the Fifth is awe-inspiring because of so many other elements; tenderness, audacity, melody, angst, reflection, and most of all the relentless drive to the Napoleonic hero's conclusion. In the Tully acoustic, with leather timpani and a wooden piccolo, it should be amazing."