Kimmo Pohjonen - Finnish Accordion Wrestling
Klaudia Weber/Stalker

Aug 3–4 at 8:30

Kimmo Pohjonen & Helsinki Nelson: Accordion Wrestling (U.S. premiere)



Times are estimated set times for each artist.

SurroundSound grunts and groans punctuate accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen’s dance-theater work in which music, sport, and dance blend into a unique multimedia “squeeze play.” Reviving the dormant Finnish tradition of accordion-accompanied wrestling matches, Pohjonen performs while grapplers struggle on a custom-made mat embedded with microphones. His work, with choreography by Ari Numminen, comments on Cold War and gender politics while lending a modern artistic twist to a classic Olympic competition.

Sponsored by SofTrek Corporation.
Made possible in part by the Consulate General of Finland,
The Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music (LUSES),
The Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre ESEK, Finn Spark, Inc.
and Finlandia Foundation National.
Originally created for the Turku Cultural Capital of Europe Program in 2011.